In my years of practice as a Dominatrix,

and my studies in Tantra and Ancient/Eastern healing techniques

I have realized a unique inroad to the psyche. 

Through my practice, I have honed techniques that, when applied properly, can result in profound healing, release, and bliss.



The psyche is a network of interconnected mycelium-like meridians. The places where each meridian joins is a junction point; in many cases, these junction points are where fetishes begin

Fetishes are unique cravings that link directly to our sexual magnetism, charge, and energy.

When these particular fetish junction points are pressed, especially in conjunction with other points, there is the potential for profound release, euphoria, and satiety.


Examples of junction points/fetishes:

Foot fetish -a junction point formed early in life 

Stockings/pantyhose fetish -can manifest in appreciation, wearing, or humiliation

Age-regression -usually involves a maternal figure and the release of responsibility

Pet training -this has many different potential point origins resulting in

the desire for complete ownership, worship, service etc

Findom -forced submission

Sissification -can manifest in appreciation or humiliation

Cum games -also, often formed early in life


The body also has very specific erogenous points, that when accurately stimulated can result in enormous rushes and a build up of sexual energy. Each person, of course, has different points, but an in-tune and present practioner/partner will be able to suss these out)


Examples of especially effective erogenous points:


Ear lobe -nibbles with breathy whispers into the ear are accutely effective

Prostate gland -can be stimulated internally, or externally with perineal massage


Frenulum -The underside of the glans

Scalp -especially responsive to hair pulling/grabbing


I teach classed in various studios and private rooms throughout

Europe, the UK, and USA, 

contact me fore more info:



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Fetish Acupressure

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